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Here are some of the animals you are likely to meet at an Animal Zone UK event.


This is Milky a sinoleon milk snake, a small friendly introduction to our snake collection. A great confidence booster, Milky is often the first snake that people have ever touched !

Corn Snakes

Often thought of as a beginners snake, this species is a commonly kept pet. Due to years of domestication and selective breeding, many colour mutations have been produced, and we often bring a variety of these to shows to illustrate this point.

Pine and Bull Snakes

Often seen as more temperamental species, these awesome snakes are most spectacular. They also serve as a reminder that not all snakes behave the same, and that caution is needed even with a much loved pet.


Some of the world's largest species often seen in the pet trade, truly awe inspiring snakes with breathtaking power and stunning beauty.


A name sure to create a stir, with a wide variety of species at hand, see for yourself the diversity in species, from the tiny children's python, to the commonly kept royal python, and including some of the true monsters of the species the Burmese, Indian and reticulated python.


This is Oscar a real show stealer ! Oscar is a Bosc monitor and a gentle giant, he enjoys the shows as much as the audience ! and loves a cuddle.

Please note that Oscar is a very well adjusted monitor and not indicative of this species, which can as a rule be very temperamental and are often aggressive.


Kiaser is a Bearded Dragon from australia.


Travis is an adult green Iguana, like all male Iguanas he can have is moods and likes very much to be the centre of attention. With a powerful tail,sharp claws and a bite to match Green Iguanas do not make good pets. Travis often joins us at the shows, well on days he wants to that is!